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If you want become our family member as service partner then fill our form and follow our terms & conditions. Some major conditions are mention below. If any issues please 8004561000 (09:00 AM to 06:00 PM)

Registration fees: Rs.1000 per year
Work allotment charge: Rs10.through application and Service Fees: 20% on total amount

  • All contract workers will have to give warranty according to the company rules on the work given by vservicecenter.
  • All contracted artisan will report at the right time on the given tasks of the company, in the event of changing the reporting or the amount received, must be notified first upon change.
  • All contract workers will have to fill customer's satisfaction certificate.
  • The work and behavior of the employees and officers of the company should be decided and polite.
  • Part of the payment made by the company's work, on the same day will be received by the company designated by the nominee.
  • The bill will be required according to the minimum tariff set by the company; appropriate action will be taken on receipt of complaint for demanding unfair money.
  • vservicecenter can cancel your contract. The company's work will be done only by the company's knowledge, the direct action will be considered against the company's rules.
  • If a contracted artisan is intoxicated or behaves viciously with the customer, the vservicecenterwill cancel the contract at the same time and appropriate action will be taken against it.
  • The Contracted Artisan / Contractor / Supplier will have to give responsibility for the work limit, payment and quality of work.
  • If you leave it in the middle after the work begins, then you will have to pay the work in this situation. vservicecenter will not be responsible for this.
  • vservicecenter just an online platform that connects customers and partners.

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